The Killer Strategy — Mobile Advertising Measurement Goes Long Way!

Mobile Advertising Strategy

So you just launched an application that is expected to drive sales to your business, probably advertising is the most basic marketing campaign that should be followed. So which category your advertisement will fall into — long term campaign or short term campaigns (burst). Whatever it is just launching mobile application or establishing brand new recognition — you shall need to consider either of the aforementioned campaigns.

The motto of the long term campaign is always to make sure building brand recognition, well this also plays a crucial role in re-connecting to the existing application users. Well, the burst campaigns is to support quality of users move mobile apps in the global marketplace. Both strategies enable to create successful mobile advertising. These strategies help improve the future scope of achieving a strong ROI on Ad investment.

Whether it is long term or short term campaign, here are some of the basic measures that every business has to follow before conducting mobile marketing advertisement.


Getting greater impact and reaching out ad to a large number of users is incredibly important. To get this job done — here are a few things that need to be considered, they are creating user acquisition, bringing brand awareness and re-engagement.

Quality acquisition

Acquiring users just for the sake of acquiring users is not the primary goal. The main objective of long term mobile advertising campaign is to ensure quality users. The important part that contributes to the financial components of any mobile application is creating engaging and active users. By maintaining such quality acquantaince, you could ensure longevity in the lifetime of mobile application.

Brand awareness

Strong brand awareness comes only with an ultimate goal — making sure your products and business are extremely helpful to your customers. When a customer make purchase be sure that you  present application keeping users’ priorities in the mind.

Measurements of one application differ from another. But for quality mobile marketers, it is always essential to find out your users’ needs and predict how would they interact with the mobile app. To run in this long game there’s also the best wat to audit the results — through Mobile Analytics.

For clear understanding, here are some of the mobile app advertising measures.

Check installs

Probably this is possible through when you could know whether users are coming back to that app. Know if your users are opening your app or not then plan further marketing, this will help you maintain retention rates and higher engagement ratings. There are a few other things that need to be considered while conducting mobile marketing research, they are — checking registrations and purchases made by the customers.

To evaluate the behavior of the users, here’s the list of a few things tht has to be considered.

  • Check the login state of the user
  • When a user is registered
  • Add to cart
  • Add to wishlist
  • Search
  • Purchase
  • Share
  • Invite
  • Reservation
  • Achievement locked and so on.

Doing mobile marketing the right way, it creates significant progress, which has been proven over the past few years. Through marketing analytics you could get to know which strategy is working right and this will always enable you to get the greatest return on the advertising spend.

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