Web Analytics Services

Web Analytics enables you to track, measure, report and optimize your digital marketing campaigns

Web Analytics Services

Worried about the conversation rates? Probably its the time you should focus on the right opportunities and unlock all the possibilities through analyzing the strategies. Among all the search engine optimization strategies, implementing possible segments that help gain at least a decent amount of traffic conversation rates that always help a business is quite important. Our web analytics services company helps your business identify the custom data — like tracking the phrases that users are most searched for, redirecting links, buttons and much more.

Web Analytics is not just about numbers, but it also helps you to enhance the experience of online customers and also to optimize your business website. In order to set up and analyze your web analysis data, you need to first define your business objectives and following a process would make you to have a sound sleep at nights.

We always develop complementary metrics with our huge list of right analytics tools. Within minutes, our Google Analytics tools and our strategies help get the right information. We follow strategies based on the results generated and these are sure to bring useful conversations. Our web analytics tools also help you know whether your customers are impressed or unimpressed about your product.

It helps in defining your business goals and KPIs such as increasing revenue, build brand recognition, customer satisfaction to name a few. You could track down the key information of your business like sales, conversions, visitor loyalty, referral visits from social channels and many more that helps you to streamline your business process and increase ROI.

What is Web Analytics?

Web Analytics is a process of website analysis that helps the enterprises and companies to build a powerful data that measures the customer interaction with the website, to categorize the website visitors and comprehend their behavior. It helps to analyze your business ROI and optimizing website to enhance business profitability.

Advantages of Web Analytics

  • Monitoring Visitors and optimizing business websites
  • Identifying the areas of improvement that have impact on sales
  • Identifying the likes and dislikes
  • Formulating strategies and campaigns for effective reach to the customer
  • Analyzing the keywords that generated traffic to business website
  • Tracking the performance of key factors of website to determine the success of promotional activities
  • Traffic conversion into purchasing and enhancing revenue

Our Working Process

Digital Semantic provides reports and analysis of your website traffic and marketing campaigns that helps you achieve your targeted business ROI. Check out our process -

  • Setting up Google Analytics account
  • Understanding your business objectives and creating KPIs
  • Creating Google Analytics profiles and tracking code
  • Setting up conversion goals in Google Analytics
  • Providing important and valuable reports through well structured Google Analytics dashboard
  • Tracking traffic and potential keywords
  • Analyzing customer data based on the locations
  • Measuring social media performance

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